How to make an appointment with Dr. Lehman??

The best way is to call the office at 212-606-1151.

     Monday through Friday 9AM – 5 PM eastern time

You can also fax a request to 212-606-1938 or Email Dr. Lehman at and someone will call you back during the next business day.

 Dr. Lehman’s goal is to give every child the best care with great care.

Dr. Lehman sees children and young adults at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City on Tuesdays and Thursdays

He also has appointments at the Burke Rehabilitation Center in White Plains, New York on Mondays and Fridays.

He spends Wednesdays teaching in the clinic
(Despite Tom Lehman the golfer, Dr. Lehman doesn't play!!)

For many people it is a long way to New York City.  Some people fly in to see me from far away countries, and some people complain about driving 45 minutes.  I can’t make those decisions for you.  Every family has to decide how important the problem is and what their resources are.  However we are often able to help people better understand and deal with their children’s problems.  More importantly once I know who a child is it is often possible to help the local physicians care for the child with only one or two visits to New York each year.

New patient appointments are $600 and follow-ups are $200. Expensive!!! Is it worth it?? Well you get roughly one hour of Dr. Lehman's undivided attention to your/your child's problems and the benefit of all of his experience. You won't be evaluated by inexperienced doctors and then 'presented' to Dr. Lehman. He will take your history and do the examination personally. [Often other doctors are in the room, but only observing and learning.] You won't be rushed in and rushed out or dismissed as 'just another case of…' He will make every reasonable effort to answer your questions fully and honestly. Often based on his extensive experience Dr. Lehman can save you many hours of wasted time and much more money in wasted laboratory tests and investigations. Not to mention helping you to get the right answers and a better outcome. For patients coming from overseas the charges are slightly higher because of the extra expense involved in phone calls, faxes, and mailing reports to international destinations.

We don't participate in any HMOs or insurance plans. Most plans include 'out of network' coverage and you should get some of your money back, but you may want to call your plan and ask how much to expect before you make an appointment.  If you want to know why we don’t participate click here

 We do ask for credit card information to 'hold' your appointment. There is nothing worse than a backlog of people who want to be seen and a wasted hour when someone doesn't show up. We will charge people who do not show up without canceling early enough (24 hours) for us to give the appointment to someone waiting.


Our office is quite comfortable in making arrangements for families traveling from out of town. We can arrange everything from a car to meet you at the airport, to hotel accommodations, dinner reservations and even theater tickets. Still have questions? Give us a call, send us a fax, or Email

If you can’t possibly get to New York…..

My book – click here to order at a discount from



    Dr. Tom Lehmans experience and compassion are evident on every page of this book, and they help guide the readerchild, parent, and healthcare professional alike through the world of childhood arthritis.  This book is an absolute gem written with a single goal in mind:  improve the lives of kids with arthritis. -- Jack Klippel, M.D. President and CEO of the Arthritis Foundation


     Dr. Lehman has given parents and families of children with arthritis the first book that speaks to the parent and child as equals.  His book explains the illnesses, the medications, the lab tests, and the disease course in simple, understandable lay language and givens them valuable insight into how a pediatric rheumatologist thinks.  Bravo!-- Charles Spencer, M.D., Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Chicago, La Rabida


Click here to see the table of contents


It was always a frustration to attempt to give everyone the information they wanted in a few pages on the web.  This book is a distillation of my experience answering questions for parents and health professionals over 25 years of practice.  If you want to know more about the different causes of childhood arthritis, the tests, the medications, or how to be sure you are getting the best care for your child and you can’t get to New York– This book will give you the information you need to know and the answers you want.



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